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Three Interfaces Every Audiologist Should Have for Their Business

Tom Robbins

November 10, 2014



I’m looking for audiology software that will help with efficiency in my practice.  What does TIMS offer?


When time management, patient communication and general business efficiencies are your priority, TIMS Audiology Software provides the must-have integration—and the must-have interfaces—your business needs to succeed.

For audiology and hearing professionals, TIMS Software is the only NOAH-certified office management system software developed, marketed, and supported by an independent software company. Used by hearing centers around the world, TIMS Software consolidates scheduling, patient management, marketing, point of sale, clinical testing, electronic claims processing, hearing aid tracking and financial management via QuickBooks Integration into one manageable system.

With TIMS, you will see a significant reduction in your office costs associated with duplicate entry. In addition, our inventory and marketing tools, as well as our reports and dashboards, round off our robust suite of business management tools.

In addition, TIMS provides three interfaces every audiologist should have for their business. 

1. NOAH 4

TIMS Audiology is a Noah 4 certified office system that allows you to test patient hearing and program hearing aids within TIMS Audiology.

Other new Noah 4 features include:

  • All Noah certified programming modules are accessible with TIMS
  • Improved stability and usability
  • Integrated diagnostic reporting

With all this information in one place, this means you and your staff eliminate unnecessary tasks and duplication of work.

2. Communications Center

Utilize TIMS Communications Center to generate call lists and track all calls. When effectively used, the TIMS Communications Center can help improve patient care, increase revenues and sell more of the products that help improve the quality of your patients’ lives.

  • Generate call lists based upon the criteria you choose
  • Track patient interactions
  • Incorporate block scheduling to enhance telemarketing effectiveness
  • Create call scripts to handle common questions and objections

3. QuickBooks Sync 

QuickBooks Sync is the ultimate tool to help your business move toward a complete paperless office. This means no more double entry for claims invoices. Produce combined or individual profit/loss statements for multiple sites. Increase efficiency and accuracy with patient management, financials and inventory. Eliminate duplicate data entry with comprehensive QuickBooks® synchronization for patient contact information, item lists, claims and point-of-sale transactions. Combine transactions from multiple locations into a single QuickBooks database for centralized accounting and financial reporting.  You can even generate individual or consolidated revenue reports for the entire organization.

For more information, please contact us at 800.763.0308 or visit or the TIMS Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

tom robbins

Tom Robbins

Senior Manager of Audiology Business Development, TIMS

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