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Single Sided Deafness and Asymmetric Hearing Loss in Adults and Children, presented in partnership with AAS

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1.  The main challenge of unilateral deafness is:
  1. hyperacusis
  2. speech understanding in quiet
  3. speech discrimination in noise and localization
  4. aural fullness
2.  Treatment options for single sided deafness worldwide include:
  1. traditional hearing aid on the deaf ear
  2. CROS, BiCROS and cochlear implant
  3. Auditory brainstem implant
  4. all of the above
3.  The most frequent cause of deafness in adults in this study was:
  1. labyrinthitis
  2. acoustic neuroma
  3. otitis media
  4. sudden hearing loss
4.  BiCROS and CROS hearing aids provide an improvement in:
  1. only summation effect
  2. only squelch effect
  3. only head shadow effect
  4. nothing
5.  Localization in patients with SSD can be improved with:
  1. BiCROS and CROS hearing aids
  2. Cochlear implant and CROS hearing aids
  3. Cochlear implant, CROS hearing aids and BiCROS
  4. Cochlear implant
6.  The most frequent cause of deafness in children in this study was:
  1. CMV infection
  2. premature birth
  3. cochlear nerve hypoplasia
  4. unknown cause
7.  The age for cochlear implant indication in children with congenital SSD:
  1. is not important
  2. should be over 6 years
  3. must be under 2 years
  4. is still unknown exactly but appears that the best age is less than 4 years
8.  Cochlear implant pre-examination must always include:
  1. scintigraphy
  2. MRI
  3. olfactometry
  4. allergic testing
9.  Contraindications for cochlear implant surgery include:
  1. epilepsy
  2. age> 80 years
  3. Meniere's disease
  4. cochlear nerve aplasia
10.  A requirement before cochlear implant surgery for the patient with SSD should be:
  1. commitment to participate in a mandatory re-habilitation phase postoperatively
  2. refrain from all sports activity
  3. to learn to read music
  4. all of the above

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