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Infection Control: Current Trends for the Dispensing Practice

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1.  Infection Control is:
  1. Getting your vaccinations
  2. Limiting contact with patients
  3. Wearing hazmat suits
  4. Managing the clinical environment to limit spread of disease
2.  Which of the following is NOT a potential mode of disease transmission?
  1. Direct Contact
  2. Indirect Contact
  3. Constant Contact
  4. Droplet Contact
3.  Routes of transmission of disease into the body include:
  1. Head, hands and heart
  2. Eyes, ears, nose and mouth
  3. Fingernails and hair
  4. Tissues
4.  Cerumen is an infectious agent if:
  1. It is never an infectious agent
  2. The patient has not washed their hands
  3. If its is contaminated with blood and mucus
  4. The patient has a cold
5.  What skin surface is more prone to infection than any other skin surface?
  1. Face
  2. Hands
  3. Ear canal
  4. Feet
6.  Hand washing must occur:
  1. Before and after each patient appointment
  2. After glove removal
  3. When cleaning instruments
  4. All of the above
7.  Infection control protocols:
  1. Need to be understood by all office staff
  2. Need to be understood only by the office manager
  3. Need to be understood only by the audiologist/dispenser
  4. Need to be understood only by nursing and physician staff
8.  The regulatory agency responsible for workplace safety is:
  1. ASHA
  2. OSHA
  3. FDA
  4. IHS
9.  MSDS stands for:
  1. Material Safety Data Sheet
  2. Material Specific Disinfectant Sheet
  3. Most Significant Data Source
  4. Material Safety Disinfectant Store
10.  The MSDS is:
  1. A list of ingredients found in cerumen
  2. A label that outlines the hazards associated with chemicals used in the workplace
  3. A list of potential infections found in the workplace
  4. A label that defines safety materials available in the practice

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