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Exam Preview

Introducing a Brilliant Sound Experience: ReSound LiNX Quattro

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1.  What new technology is offered in ReSound LiNX Quattro?
  1. Extended Bandwidth
  2. Impulse Noise Reduction
  3. WARP sound processing
  4. A and B are correct
2.  Annoyance from the sound of plates being stacked should be lessened by which feature?
  1. Extended input dynamic range, below the noise floor and up to 116 dB
  2. Extended bandwidth up to 9.5 kHz
  3. Impulse noise reduction
  4. Expansion
3.  Which is NOT an improvement to the Smart 3D app for ReSound LiNX Quattro?
  1. Universal access to Noise and Wind reduction
  2. Impulse noise reduction controls
  3. Rechargeable battery status indicator
  4. Notification for low battery
4.  Which of the following are patient benefits with ReSound Assist?
  1. Convenience
  2. Real-time feedback to hearing care professional
  3. Adjustments based on real world patient experience
  4. The confidence that hearing care is right at your fingertips
  5. All of the above
5.  Extending the bandwidth with ReSound LiNX Quattro has which benefit(s) for streaming?
  1. Most extended bandwidth in the industry for Mfi streaming
  2. Patients can hear their neighbors phone
  3. Utilization of the higher potential bandwidth already in ReSound accessories
  4. A and C
6.  One benefit of Mix-in streaming is:
  1. There is no audible delay when commencing phone streaming via MFi or the Phone Clip+
  2. Commencing phone streaming requires a program change.
  3. The Smart 3D app is longer needed
  4. All of the above
7.  Which ReSound LiNX Quattro model offers rechargeability?
  1. 61 RIE/RIC
  2. 62 RIE/RIC
  3. Both offer rechargeability
  4. Neither offer rechargeability
8.  Which ReSound feature is enhanced with the introduction of extended bandwidth?
  1. DFS Ultra II
  2. NoiseTracker
  3. Sound Shaper
  4. Environmental Optimizer
9.  What is a benefit of the ReSound LiNX Quattro charger?
  1. You can use AA batteries.
  2. The charger is portable and will provide three full charges to the hearing instruments before it needs recharging.
  3. The charger will beep when charging is complete.
  4. A full charge takes 8 hours.
10.  ReSound LiNX Quattro offers
  1. ReSound Assist
  2. Mix-in Streaming
  3. New Smart 3D options
  4. All of the above

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