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Exam Preview

ReSound Assist: Everything You Need to Know for Success

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1.  Which telehealth application best describes ReSound Assist?
  1. Live (synchronous) videoconferencing
  2. Store-and-forward (asynchronous) conferencing
  3. Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  4. Mobile health (mHealth)
2.  Best practices for managing ReSound Assist in a clinical practice does NOT include:
  1. Responding immediately to all requests for services
  2. Setting realistic expectations with patients
  3. Enabling email alerts within GN Online Services
  4. Setting a consistent time of the day to respond to requests
3.  What is a simple way to show patients how to use ReSound Assist?
  1. Give them a brochure
  2. Play a how-to video
  3. Practice with them in the clinic
  4. Send them to
4.  How often must hearing care professionals log-in to GN Online Services via ReSound Smart Fit?
  1. Every 12 hours
  2. Every 24 hours
  3. Every 36 hours
  4. Every 48 hours
5.  How does a patient navigate in the app to initiate ReSound Assist?
  1. My ReSound, Guiding Tips
  2. Home, Request Assistance
  3. Appointment Reminder Notifications
  4. Both A and B
6.  How are the patient's preferred settings from ReSound Smart 3D represented in ReSound Smart Fit?
  1. Green frequency responses and gray dots in Advanced Features
  2. Gray frequency responses and green dots in Advanced Features
  3. Red and blue frequency responses and black dots in Advanced Features
  4. Black frequency responses and red and blue dots in Advanced Features
7.  Which user role can manage users but not locations?
  1. GN Administrator
  2. Super Administrator
  3. Administrator
  4. User
8.  The "Locked" feature:
  1. Ensures users cannot share patients
  2. Locks preferences in ReSound Assist
  3. Reduces the GN Administrator's access to the account
  4. Keeps a user from being able to access GN Online Services
9.  Following a fine-tuning session, if the patient chooses "Not Satisfied Yet" or "Dissatisfied," what happens next?
  1. The patient will be informed that the response was sent and he/she should wait to hear from the hearing care professional
  2. The patient will be given the opportunity to complete a new assistance request only
  3. The patient will be given the opportunity to compare his/her settings to previous settings only
  4. The patient will be given the opportunity to compare his/her settings to previous setting and complete a new assistance request
10.  If a patient chooses to request assistance through Rate My Sound, how many open requests will the patient be allowed at one time?
  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 6

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