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Exam Preview

Millennial Matters & Generational Issues in Audiology

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1.  Approximately how many Millennials are there in the US?
  1. 75 million
  2. 150 million
  3. 25 million
  4. 4 million
2.  Which of the following is NOT a core belief of Millennials?
  1. Members of global community
  2. Confidence
  3. Diversity
  4. Duty Before Pleasure
3.  It is possible for the following attribute value of Baby Boomer leaders to strain a relationship with a millennial audiologist:
  1. Ethical
  2. Willing to take on responsibility
  3. Live to work
  4. Idealism
4.  Which trait below is key for new professionals to know if they are surrounded by baby boomers?
  1. Less likely to offer necessary recognition.
  2. Very focused on having fun at work.
  3. More work is punishment for them.
  4. They are ready to retire.
5.  According to the Barkley agency, which of these is the first person parents ask for parental advice?
  1. Father
  2. Mother
  3. Pediatrician
  4. Good friend
6.  According to NRC Health, what are the baseline expectations of a millennial parent coming into your office with their child?
  1. The latest technology and experienced staff with inclusion in the care process.
  2. Invitation to join a "parent action" group to elicit change in their neighborhood.
  3. Availability to view medical records online.
  4. Demonstration of patient "success stories" in literature throughout the office.
7.  Reverse mentoring...
  1. Occurs when an audiologist models how to perform a basic hearing aid repair for a parent.
  2. Involves a parent and teacher mentoring a child with hearing impairment to advocate for him/herself.
  3. Is a new counseling technique that was developed specifically with millennials in mind.
  4. Has been associated with improving cross-generational relationships in more than one research study.
8.  In studies investigating social media usage of patients, Facebook groups were the most-used by hearing aid/cochlear implant users, while ____________ were dominated by service providers and manufacturers.
  1. Blogs
  2. YouTube
  3. Twitter and Facebook "pages"
  4. Instagram and Snapchat
9.  When counseling a family who just received a new diagnosis of hearing loss, which of the following communication strategies can be helpful?
  1. Use reflective language, such as "it seems" and "If I am understanding you correctly".
  2. Ask specific, targeted questions.
  3. Ask closed ended questions, that pull for "or".
  4. Tell the family about your previous professional experiences.
10.  For children undergoing cochlear implantation, which of the following are the most critical psychosocial factors to assess?
  1. Barriers to follow-up care and family understanding of the CI process.
  2. Relationship with the surgeon and family understanding of the CI process.
  3. Barriers to follow-up care and relationship with the surgeon.
  4. Device accessories and family understanding of the CI process.
11.  An effective communicative technique to utilize with challenging caregivers when providing medical advice is to:
  1. Review your training background.
  2. Inform the caregiver on the number of patients you have worked with.
  3. Ask for permission to provide additional information.
  4. There is no point in telling a challenging caregiver what to do.
12.  Adults with hearing loss often experience which of the following?
  1. Social withdrawal
  2. ADHD symptoms
  3. Autism symptoms
  4. No changes in psychosocial functioning
13.  Which is NOT a recommended step/strategy in the negotiation process?
  1. Be flexible.
  2. Aim High.
  3. Make the first offer.
  4. Counter-offer.
14.  What is a VALID way to be flexible in negotiating?
  1. Create a preference chart and use other options (i.e. PTO, flexible hours) to negotiate instead of salary.
  2. Work with your own needs and wants to get to the numbers and don't have the employer give you information from previous work/employees.
  3. Know that in order to get to what you want, the other party will have to give up something.
  4. Bring in a former contract you may have to make sure they understand your standards.
15.  Which are categories to include in the calculation of revenue?
  1. All diagnostics, hearing aids sold, new patients seen
  2. All diagnostics, hearing aids sold
  3. All diagnostics, hearing aids sold, new patients seen, days of work/week
  4. New patients seen, days of work/week

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