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Exam Preview

Signia Expert Series: Competing in Today's Disruptive Audiological Environment

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1.  Market disruption occurs when a/an _____ market is created at a/an ______ price point.
  1. Existing, Low
  2. Existing, High
  3. New, Low
  4. New, High
2.  The new age in healthcare is NOT premised on
  1. Improving the patient experience
  2. Promoting self-care
  3. Price
  4. Saving time
3.  The demand function for the hearing aid market is ______, meaning that price ______ a primary factor.
  1. Elastic, is
  2. Inelastic, is
  3. Elastic, is not
  4. Inelastic, is not
4.  Lowering retail prices of economy line devices in an inelastic market causes a ____ in number of units sold and a _____ total revenue.
  1. Increase, decrease
  2. Decrease, decrease
  3. No change, decrease
  4. Increase, Increase
5.  When moving to a customer-centered model, the following professional service(s) is/are known to enhance customer needs satisfaction.
  1. Greater patient interaction
  2. Shared decision-making
  3. Provider empathy
  4. All of the above
6.  Need recognition is favorable (i.e., consumer is willing to adopt product or service) when:
  1. Desired state> actual state
  2. Actual state> desired state
  3. Actual state = desired state
  4. None of the above
7.  In general, the acoustic and behavioral literature indicates
  1. Traditional hearing aids> direct-to-consumer amplifying products
  2. Direct-to-consumer amplifying products> traditional hearing aids
  3. Traditional hearing aids = direct-to-consumer amplifying products
  4. None of the above
8.  Primary factors precluding growth opportunities for audiology services and technology
  1. Providing free hearing tests and other services
  2. Lack of a standard of clinical practice
  3. Lack of trust and empathy in provider
  4. All of the above
9.  Without increase price, consumers are willing to pay more for services and product when
  1. There is an increase in perceived value
  2. Price is reduced
  3. Providers offer free services
  4. All of the above
10.  Market cannibalization between traditional hearing aids and direct-to-consumer products can be avoided when
  1. Product features and marketing messages of traditional signify high value
  2. Providers charge for all services
  3. There is a marked difference in price points between service and technology levels
  4. All of the above

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