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Exam Preview

Introducing Rexton MotionCore

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1.  What new component has been added to MotionCore hearing aids?
  1. Accelerometer
  2. Fall detector
  3. Fitness tracker
  4. Motion sensor
2.  High Resolution SoundPro uses the following to create better differentiation between acoustic environments:
  1. Signia-to-noise ratio
  2. Modulation of noise
  3. Front/Back direction
  4. All the above
3.  High Resolution Soundpro aims to balance speech understanding in noise with a natural sound impression by automatically adjusting:
  1. Directionality & noise reduction
  2. Directionality only
  3. Noise reduction only
  4. None of the above
4.  It is recommended to keep the Soundpro Mode slider at which setting initially?
  1. Balanced Focus (Default)
  2. Halfway to Speech Focus
  3. Halfway to Natural Focus
  4. Start at Speech Focus and back off as necessary
5.  The new M-Core R-Li is equipped with what type of on-board control:
  1. Rotary wheel
  2. Push Button
  3. Rocker switch
  4. The M-Core R-Li does not have an on-board control
6.  The M-Core R-Li in available in 10 colors, one of which is new for Rexton; which color is new?
  1. Sandy Brown
  2. Rose Gold
  3. Black
  4. Pearl White
7.  The new Charging Station for the M-Core R-Li provides:
  1. Protective lid
  2. 6 hours of wear time with a 30-minute fast charge
  3. Drying feature
  4. All the above
8.  The M-Core R312 offers telecoil functionality via:
  1. Color-conversion kit
  2. Fitting software
  3. CellPhone App
  4. Telecoil is not available with the M-Core R312
9.  The new app is called:
  1. Rexton App
  2. MyCore App
  3. MyMotion App
  4. M-Core App
10.  The myCore 8C product portfolio has expanded to include the following 30 and 20 performance-level instruments:
  1. InoX 8C CIC
  2. Emerald XS 8C, Emerald S 8C, and Emerald M 8C
  3. Mosaic M and Mosaic P
  4. All the above

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