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Thrive Mobile: The Best Mobile App Just Got Better!

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1.  For Livio AI and Edge AI devices, what score is shown in the upper part of the Thrive App?
  1. Stand Score
  2. Engagement Score
  3. Thrive Wellness Score
  4. Fall Score
2.  For Livio Edge AI devices, what type of hearing aid controls/adjustments can be made by using the “double tap” feature on the aids?
  1. Voice Commands
  2. Measure Body Score
  3. Measure Brain Score
  4. Set up Hearing Care Anywhere
3.  If a patient purchases a lower tier AI device, but wants the benefit of Reminders, what feature within Thrive would allow them to add this beneficial tool?
  1. Customize
  2. Self Check
  3. In-app Purchases
  4. Hearing Care Anywhere
4.  What are the three components of the Body Score?
  1. Steps, Exercise, Stand
  2. Walk, Run, Jog
  3. Stand, Fall , Move
  4. Move, Walking, Jogging
5.  What are the three components of the Brain Score?
  1. On, Off, Talk
  2. Use, Engagement, Environment
  3. Using, Talking, Listening
  4. Voice, Music, Noise
6.  For “Find My Phone” what happens when a user taps their device and says out loud, “find my phone”?
  1. Their phone speaker plays a audio file allowing the user to locate their phone
  2. An email is sent with the location of the phone
  3. A call is made to a contact letting them know the phone has been lost
  4. A voicemail is set up letting callers know the phone has been lost
7.  For Livio Edge AI, which of the following can also utilize Voice Commands?
  1. Set up Fall Alerts
  2. Set up Reminders
  3. Start accessory stream
  4. Stop accessory stream
8.  What is required for the Accessories icon to appear in the navigation bar on Thrive?
  1. Nothing, it is always there
  2. You must have a Livio Edge AI device
  3. At least one streaming accessory must be paired to the hearing devices OR the fitting must meet requirements for the IntelliVoice features
  4. You must be in Edge Mode
9.  How can someone using Thrive get back to the home screen?
  1. Tap on the Home icon from the navigation bar
  2. Go into the Settings and select default
  3. Double tap the hearing aids
  4. Short press on the user control
10.  If using Livio Edge AI devices paired to an Apple smartphone, what is required for the IntelliVoice feature to appear in the Accessories menu?
  1. User must have Reminders set up
  2. User must be signed into their Amazon account in Thrive
  3. User’s hearing thresholds at 250 & 500 Hz must be 50 dBHL or worse
  4. Tap Control must be set to Stop/Start Audio Stream

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