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Reducing the Influence of Implicit Biases for Healthcare Professionals

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1.  Why are implicit biases difficult to address?
  1. They are unconscious
  2. There are too many
  3. Most people do not have them
  4. There is actually no such thing as implicit biases
2.  What is another name for implicit biases?
  1. unconscious biases
  2. hidden biases
  3. implicit social cognition
  4. all of the above are names for implicit biases
3.  How can implicit biases influence the hiring process and work environment?
  1. white-sounding names will more likely get a call-back
  2. the wrong (least qualified) person may end up getting hired
  3. qualified people of certain groups may be overlooked for leadership opportunities
  4. all of the above are correct
4.  What are implicit biases?
  1. the conscious preference for or against a person, thing, or group
  2. the hidden preference for or against a person, thing, or group
  3. beliefs that a person states about other people, thing or groups
  4. actions a person takes that align with their stated values
5.  The first step in reducing the influence of implicit biases is to:
  1. ignore them
  2. deny them
  3. identify them
  4. seek counseling

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