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Communication Partners in Hearing Care

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1.  1.When a family member accompanies a client to an audiology appointment to help them manage the myriad of information, the family member’s role can be best described as:
  1. Transporter
  2. Memory aid
  3. Advocate
  4. Interpreter
2.  “Because of my partner’s hearing loss, I have to make phone calls for him/her”. This statement is an example of
  1. Residual disability
  2. Communication partner resentment
  3. Emotional support
  4. Third party disability
3.  Which of the following is not a documented outcome of involving communication partners in hearing care consultations
  1. Increased hearing aid repairs
  2. Increased hearing aid uptake
  3. Increased hearing aid use
  4. Increased hearing aid satisfaction
4.  A review study by Vas et al (2017) documented the effects of hearing loss on clients and communication partners in three domains. Which of the domains below are incorrect?
  1. Social
  2. Auditory
  3. Cognitive
  4. Self
5.  Which statement does not describe current audiological practice best, as it relates to the involvement of communication partners in hearing care consultations:
  1. Family members are routinely invited along to appointments
  2. Consultation rooms are set up to accommodate family members
  3. Communication partners are also considered to be clients
  4. Communication partners are often “shut out” of conversation between patient and audiologist
6.  Which of the following tools can be used to prepare a client and their communication partner for an upcoming appointment by thinking about difficult listening situations?
  1. Living Well Online
  2. Dilemma Game
  3. Communication Tips
  4. The Line
7.  The Goal Sharing for Partners tool helps the person with hearing loss and their partner to:
  1. Express their respective feelings and points of view
  2. Recognize that they have a shared responsibility to work together to improve communication
  3. Establish realistic communication goals and determine the steps to achieve these goals
  4. All of the above
8.  The strategies below describe ways of involving the communication partner after the clinical consultation. Which is the odd one out?
  1. Share Ida Communication Tips and strategies and Ida APP
  2. Invite the communication partner into consultation
  3. Complete Telecare Tools before next appointment
  4. Ask for communication partner observations in preparation of next appointment
9.  Effort associated with having to interpret for their partner, feelings of guilt & stress, and effort involved in communication are all examples of how hearing loss impacts communication partners in the
  1. Social domain
  2. Self domain
  3. Cognitive domain
  4. Auditory domain
10.  Going out alone, relationship conflicts, and reduced enjoyment of social activities are all examples of how hearing loss impacts communication partners in the
  1. Social domain
  2. Self domain
  3. Cognitive domain
  4. Auditory domain

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