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Exam Preview

Speechmap as a Counseling and Fitting Tool

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1.  The fundamental goal of an audibility-based aid fitting strategy is to:
  1. Provide sufficient gain to hit an insertion gain target
  2. Provide enough amplification so that the patient hears a difference when compared to not wearing a hearing aid
  3. To restore audibility for speech
  4. Sell hearing aids
2.  A key new value proposition facilitated by Speechmap is:
  1. Hit an insertion gain target
  2. Zero in on sound quality regardless of audibility
  3. Bring speech sounds back into the patients listening range
  4. Observe speech in its natural environment.
3.  Instead of saying "we are going to test your hearing", Curtis Alcock suggests saying:
  1. We are going to evaluate your hearing
  2. We are going to examine your hearing
  3. We are going to authenticate your hearing
  4. We are going to profile your hearing
4.  Instead of saying "we are going to fit you with hearing aids, Curtis Alcock suggests saying:
  1. We want to bring speech sounds back into your listening range.
  2. We are going to sell you hearing aids.
  3. We are going to make sounds louder.
  4. We are going to send you to a speech reading course.
5.  What is the SII Score?
  1. Sound Intensity Index
  2. Speech Integrated Intelligently
  3. Sound Intensified Instantaneously
  4. Speech Intelligibility Index
6.  What is a reasonable aided SII score (for 65dB speech input) to shoot for for S/N losses with no threshold greater than 70dBHL?
  1. Approaching or exceeding 50
  2. Approaching or exceeding 60
  3. Approaching or exceeding 70
  4. Approaching or exceeding 80
7.  Name three standard fitting rules discussed in this course
  1. POGO, Fig. 6, 1/2 Gain Rule
  2. Fig. 6, ANSI, DSL
  4. DSL Child, DSL Adult, NAL-NL2
8.  What is the difference between a "Goal" Fitting vs. a "Starter" Fitting?
  1. About 20dB
  2. Nothing
  3. Practice
  4. Sound quality
9.  The Verifit 2 Speechmap audiogram depicts a frequency range of what?
  1. 250Hz - 16KHz
  2. 250Hz - 10KHz
  3. 250Hz - 8KHz
  4. 250Hz - 6KHz
10.  What does HABRAT stand for?
  1. Hearing Aids Based On Recent Auditory Thresholds
  2. Hearing Amplification Based on Real Auditory Training
  3. Hearing Aid Brain Robot Activator Tests
  4. Hearing Aid Brain Rewiring Accommodation Time

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