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Advancing Access to Hearing Healthcare: Yes, You Can Advocate for Positive Change!

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1.  Effective advocacy can be best carried out by:
  1. Professionals who specialize in advocacy work, such as lobbyists
  2. Anyone who has skills that are learned and acquired, through a combination of training, education, and mentorship
  3. Individuals who have advanced degrees in the subject matter being addressed
  4. Consumers and family members who are affected by laws or regulations
2.  Topics that are likely to be part of the 2021 public policy line-up affecting cochlear implants and related hearing health issues include:
  1. Telehealth for hearing care
  2. Medicare candidacy for cochlear implants
  3. Early intervention decision-making for children with hearing loss
  4. All of the above
3.  Federal and state topics that are not likely to be addressed by ACI Alliance hearing health advocates include:
  1. Personnel issues related to a specific Federal agency
  2. Cochlear implant coverage under Medicare
  3. Early intervention and parent advisement on communication options for deaf and hard of hearing children
  4. Single-sided deafness as an eligible insurance coverage option
4.  Since Medicaid rules are determined by each state, one’s ability to bring about change is:
  1. Highly limited for adult coverage for cochlear implants
  2. Limited to the regulatory review process
  3. Specific to the state’s legislative and regulatory process
  4. Limited entirely to the individuals who will be affected by the advocacy efforts
5.  A change in private insurance coverage of a particular medical intervention may be successfully sought by:
  1. Physicians who provide the services
  2. Research demonstration efficiency and efficacy
  3. Insurance beneficiaries who have the specific insurance for which change is sought
  4. All of the above

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