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Exam Preview

ReSound Smart Fit: Advanced Fitting Solutions

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1.  Target Rule, Experience Level, and Gain Level % are used to determine __________.
  1. Prescribed First Fit
  2. Gain Values
  3. Sound Shaper
  4. Environmental Optimizer
2.  Which advanced feature automatically turns on for hearing losses with a PTA equal or lower than 25 dBHL (average of 125, 250, 500 Hz)?
  1. Binaural Directionality III
  2. Expansion
  3. Time Constants
  4. Sound Shaper
3.  Which feature is best described as an automatic volume control wheel and addresses the complaint “everything sounds good but….?
  1. Impulse Noise Reduction
  2. Noise Tracker II
  3. Environmental Optimizer
  4. Expansion
4.  Which feature is best used for the continuous complaint “my hearing aids are too sharp, too tinny, too harsh?”
  1. Noise Tracker II
  2. Time Constants
  3. Environmental Optimizer
  4. Directional Mix
5.  Experience Level takes into account what three parameters?
  1. Total Gain, High Frequency Gain, Compression Ratio’s
  2. Compression Ratio’s, Directional Mix, hearing loss
  3. Volume, Gain Adjustments, Gain Target %
  4. Time Constants, Compression Ratio’s, Noise Tracker II
6.  This program allows patients to hear speech in front of them in very noisy environments.
  1. Ultra Focus
  2. All Around
  3. Outdoor
  4. Music
7.  Which setting in DFS Ultra III is the most sensitive and the least sensitive?
  1. Strong is the most sensitive and Music is the least sensitive.
  2. Music is the most sensitive and Mild is the least sensitive.
  3. Mild and Moderate are the most sensitive and Music is the least sensitive.
  4. They are all the same sensitivity.
8.  Which advanced feature would best address the patient complaint of “the dishes are too loud when I load them in the dishwasher.”
  1. Directional Mix
  2. Noise Tracker II
  3. Times Constants
  4. Impulse Noise Reduction
9.  Directionality for the Outdoor program defaults to what when using M&RIE receivers and ReSound ONE hearing aids?
  1. M&RIE
  2. Binaural Directionality
  3. Natural Directionality
  4. Spatial Sense
10.  The M&RIE receiver used the patient’s own _________ as part of the hearing aid sound processing.
  1. Pinna Cues
  2. Spatial Sense
  3. Speech Understanding
  4. Wavelengths

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