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Exam Preview

Infection Control within the COVID-19 Context

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1.  Which of the following is true about a KN95 mask?
  1. Recommended for limited reuse during critical mask shortages
  2. Meets Chinese standards
  3. Must be discarded after approximately five uses
  4. Can be used with multiple patients regardless of procedure
2.  Disinfectants qualified against COVID-19 include:
  1. Any alcohol-based product
  2. Any EPA registered disinfectant
  3. Any hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant
  4. Any household disinfectant
3.  An example of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer meeting CDC recommendations for effective hand hygiene includes a product containing:
  1. 60% methanol
  2. 60% isopropanol
  3. 70% methanol
  4. 70% isopropanol
4.  Beyond following CDC recommendations, the best resource for information regarding COVID-19 incudes:
  1. NIOSH
  2. Public health authority of your individual state
  3. Your primary national professional organizations
  4. Social media
5.  According to most recent CDC recommendations, face shields are:
  1. Primarily eye protection
  2. An acceptable substitute for cloth masks
  3. An acceptable substitute for respirator masks
  4. Recommended at all times other than aerosol-generating procedures

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