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Exam Preview

Deafness with Autism: An Occupational Therapy Perspective

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1.  An example of a visual cue to use during a transition from one activity to the next is:
  1. A social story
  2. A song
  3. A first/then board
  4. Sound of a bell
2.  Early indicators of autism in a child may include all of the following EXCEPT
  1. Exhibiting atypical play with toys
  2. Exhibiting atypical play with toys
  3. Pointing to objects they desire
  4. None of the above
3.  Vestibular processing provides information related to:
  1. Movement and balance
  2. Strength and endurance
  3. Smell and sight
  4. None of the above
4.  Proprioceptive input provides:
  1. Input to the visual cortex
  2. Input to the joints in our body
  3. Input to the olfactory system
  4. No input at all
5.  Sensory strategies for a deaf child with autism may include which of the following:
  1. Practicing the same movement over and over again
  2. Utilizing articulation strategies to assist with verbal skills
  3. Using a dynamic surface for seating (e.g., therapy ball, disc sit)
  4. Exaggerated gesturing

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