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FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

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1.  FERPA gives rights to parents and whom else?
  1. Siblings
  2. Grandparents
  3. Aunts and uncles
  4. Eligible students
2.  Nancy Ninth Grader is receiving services from you for therapy. She and her mother have been at odds recently and Nancy has requested she be allowed to inspect all your notes from her therapy session. Can you share this information and what part of FERPA allows you to honor Nancy's request?
  1. Yes, the forms have her name on it and she is the student
  2. No, she isn't 18 yet
  3. Yes, she asked to see them
  4. Yes, but only the notes you choose
3.  Tammy the therapist sees Fanny the first grader’s mom at the grocery store. Fanny’s mom asks Tammy about her daughter’s progress in therapy. Tammy knows that Fanny lives full-time with her dad and Mom is the non-custodial parent. Can Tammy legally give this information to Fanny’s mom?
  1. Yes, she is Fanny’s parent and parents have access to this information under FERPA
  2. No, because she is the noncustodial parent she does have the right to this information under FERPA
  3. Yes, because Tammy knows this mom well and knows the information will not go any further than their private conversation
  4. No, Fanny’s mom must request this information from the school district and not the therapist
4.  Which right is NOT guaranteed under FERPA?
  1. Right to copies of educational records
  2. Right to request a school correct the records
  3. Right to inspect educational records
  4. Right to give permission prior to some records being disclosed
5.  How many days does the school have to produce records for inspection after a parent or eligible student requests them?
  1. 30 days
  2. 45 days
  3. 60 days
  4. 180 days

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