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Deafness with Autism: An Early Communication Perspective

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1.  Which factor was not suggested as a reason for the delay in diagnosis of autism in a child with hearing loss:
  1. Caregiver challenges
  2. A “wait and see” approach to amplification
  3. Provider challenges
  4. Lack of insurance coverage for evaluations
2.  By what age should children with hearing loss make sustained eye contact?
  1. 5 months old
  2. 3 months old
  3. 1 month old
  4. 12 months old
3.  What are the 2 key ingredients to a successful treatment plan for a young child with a dual diagnosis of hearing loss and autism?
  1. Cochlear Implants and Team approach
  2. Team approach and Individualized Treatment plan
  3. PECS and Picture Schedules
  4. Imitating facial expressions
4.  How often should a child with a suspected additional disability to hearing loss be evaluated with standardized assessments?
  1. Every 3 months
  2. Every 12 months
  3. Every 6 months
  4. When they turn 3 years old
5.  What is the most important aspect to consider when using a particular communication modality with a child who has a hearing loss plus ASD?
  1. Residual hearing
  2. Sensory needs
  3. Type of amplification
  4. Strengths and preferences of the child

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