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Aurical Audiometer: Basic Operation and Features

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1.  Pressing and holding the _______ key + desired action key allows you to change settings in the second channel.
  1. Control
  2. Tab
  3. Shift
  4. Alt
2.  If 'Preliminary' appears multiple times on the report printout, this means:
  1. You are running an unlicensed version of software
  2. Your test data have not been saved
  3. You are printing to PDF
  4. Have not properly masked bone conduction thresholds
3.  When wanting to permanently store changes made for measurement and display settings:
  1. It must be saved as a Startup setting or User Test
  2. Click the Save icon on the Menu bar
  3. The same patient file must be opened
  4. Changes made will apply immediately and there is no need to store
4.  Which of the following is NOT a way to store speech test scores in OTOsuite?
  1. Left click in the appropriate highlighted score box in the Work Area
  2. Hit the 's' key on the keyboard
  3. Left click the RESET button in the Work Area
  4. Left click to the Store button in the Work Area
5.  The F1 key:
  1. Saves data and closes OTOsuite
  2. Directs the tester to the User Manual
  3. Enables the OTOmetrics special test suite
  4. Stores threshold data

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