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Exam Preview

Tips for Today’s Top Ten Fitting Challenges

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1.  Which of the following can be helpful with solving hearing aid to smartphone connectivity problems?
  1. Clearing the Bluetooth cache
  2. Closing all weather related apps in the smartphone
  3. Turning on nearby Bluetooth or other wireless devices
  4. Turning on WiFi
2.  When a 2.4 GHz TV accessory is not streaming sound to the hearing aids, even though the pairing process appears to have worked, which one of the following could be a common mistake in the hardware set up?
  1. Audio input source should in the cable/satellite box, not the TV
  2. The TV is new, but does not have an audio input
  3. Audio output source should be the cable/satellite box, not the TV
  4. The TV is not a well-known brand
3.  Which of the following is an important technology in a hearing aid to help preserve the higher outputs of music?
  1. Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  2. Extended Dynamic Range
  3. Extended compression channels
  4. Phonemic compression
4.  What is the recommended minimum internet speed needed for a successful Remote Fitting appointment?
  1. 1 Mbit per second
  2. 1 MGHz per second
  3. 10 Mbit per second
  4. The speed of sound
5.  Which of the following are strategies to help with fitting a patient with a reverse slope audiometric configuration?
  1. Choose a more occluding dome or earmold
  2. Increase the high frequencies and decrease the low frequencies
  3. Take bone conduction values out of the audiogram
  4. Cochlear implants

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