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Fostering an Inclusive Workspace

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1.  According to the Social Justice Resource Center, the cost of racism in the US per year, in the forms of bias against workers, wage discrimination, hiring discrimination, discrimination based on price, services discrimination, and capital investment discrimination, is:
  1. $1 million
  2. $1 billion
  3. $1 trillion
  4. $2 trillion
2.  According to statistics from, in 2013-2017, the percent of Black, Native American, and Hispanic patients receiving lesser quality healthcare than White/Caucasian patients ranges from:
  1. 50-56%
  2. 34-40%
  3. 12-18%
  4. 76-82%
3.  Diversity is which of the following?
  1. All the ways in which people differ.
  2. A way to refer to people outside the majority.
  3. A "catch-all" term and can be interchanged with "equity" and "inclusion".
  4. Means the same thing across generations.
4.  Common types of diversity include:
  1. Race, Age, Ethnicity, Culture, Gender Identity
  2. Political Views/Opinons/Affiliation and Spiritual/Religious Beliefs
  3. Socioeconomic Status, Job Title/Role/Function
  4. All the above
5.  As stated by the International Labour Organization, companies with more inclusive business cultures and policies see a _______% increase in innovation and ______% better assessment of consumer interest and demand.
  1. 72%, 34%
  2. 43%, 89%
  3. 59%, 37%
  4. 48%, 47%

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