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Exam Preview

Patient Relationship Management

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1.  1.What is one way Dr. Traynor encourages establishing trust with the patient?
  1. y not being so sales oriented but more relationship oriented
  2. By opening up about yourself to your patient
  3. Following a strict schedule to ensure the patient is seen on time
  4. With a follow-up form
2.  How does Dr. Traynor ensure that the patient is supported when they call into his practice?
  1. Having a variety of appointment times
  2. Limited hold times
  3. By ensuring their practice manager gives the same over-the-phone experience he would if he picked up the phone
  4. By having an operator menu
3.  What is one tip Dr. Traynor suggests doing when focusing on building your professional network with other specialties?
  1. Get referrals from other specialists
  2. Commit to having each other’s in-office brochures
  3. Do not create a network and just focus on your own practice
  4. Use LinkedIn
4.  Dr. Traynor mentioned that even if a patient is not ready to begin their hearing aid journey, he would still want them to contact him for any hearing health questions. Why does he do this in his practice?
  1. To allow his potential patient to view his practice as a place of resource
  2. To offer them financing
  3. To convince them to buy hearing aids
  4. He charges them for a phone consultation
5.  What is Dr. Traynor’s point of view on email newsletters?
  1. You should do them every other week
  2. He says they aren’t beneficial
  3. They should only be one page in length
  4. He suggests doing them often enough where it’s a benefit but not so often that it annoys patients

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