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ReSound Government Services: November 2021 What’s on Contract?

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1.  ReSound ONE is available in which hearing instrument style?
  1. RIE
  2. BTE
  3. Custom
  4. Super power BTE
2.  Which patient selectable program provides the best signal-to-noise ratio in very noisy listening situations?
  1. All-Around
  2. Restaurant
  3. Ultra Focus
  4. Outdoor
3.  Which products are programmed in ReSound Aventa?
  1. ReSound LiNX2 and ReSound LiNX 3D
  2. ReSound LiNX Quattro and ReSound ONE
  3. ReSound LiNX 3D and Resound ONE
  4. ReSound LiNX2 and ReSound LiNX
4.  How are dome recommendations displayed in ReSound Smart Fit 1.12?
  1. By a green ribbon
  2. By a gray badge
  3. By a blue star
  4. By a gray thumbs-up emoji
5.  When enabled, Feedback Guard…
  1. Acts as a barrier on the fitting graph to prevent hearing care professionals from increasing gains to levels that could cause feedback at particular frequencies. Gain is prevented from being increased into the gray area to avoid feedback.
  2. Acts as a guide to hearing care professionals to indicate the area of potential feedback on the fitting graph while they are increasing gain in that area. Gain is allowed to be increased into the gray area, at the risk of feedback.
  3. Is not visible on the fitting screen.
  4. Reduces the hearing instrument high frequency gain to avoid feedback.

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