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Exam Preview

Phonak's Suite of eSolutions

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1.  Which app can pediatric patients using Sky M use for control and remote support?
  1. myTinyEars
  2. myPhonak Junior
  3. myRogerforKids
  4. Roblox
2.  Which app coaches your patient through Roger usage?
  1. myPhonak
  2. myPhonak Junior
  3. myRogerCoach
  4. myRogerMic
3.  In the myPhonak Junior app, what can your pediatric patients do?
  1. Personalize with their name
  2. Personalize with their profile picture
  3. Personalize with their favorite color scheme
  4. All of the above
4.  Remote Support is available through which apps?
  1. myPhonak and myPhonak Junior
  2. myRogerMic and myRogerCoach
  3. myPhonak and myRogerCoach
  4. myPhonak Junior and myRogerMic
5.  With the myPhonak Junior app, children can make changes to all EXCEPT:
  1. Volume
  2. Program
  3. Treble
  4. Speech Focus

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