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Exam Preview

Similarities and Differences Between the Auditory and Visual Systems, presented in partnership with Salus University

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1.  In the auditory system, information from the two ears is first combined in the superior olive. In the visual system, information from the two eyes is first combined in the:
  1. Thalamus
  2. Primary Visual Cortex
  3. Midbrain
  4. Brainstem
2.  Which of the following statements concerning the retina is correct?
  1. Rods and cones are evenly distributed across the retina.
  2. The fovea contains no cones.
  3. Cones are concentrated in periphery.
  4. No photoreceptors can be found in the optic disk.
3.  In the cortex, the ventral processing stream is primarily involved with which of these functions?
  1. Spatial analysis
  2. Motion perception
  3. Object and pattern identification
  4. Visual control of movement
4.  Cutting the optic tract would result in which functional consequence?
  1. Vision loss in the contralateral visual hemifield
  2. Complete blindness
  3. Tunnel vision
  4. Vision loss in the lower half of the world
5.  Which statement concerning the auditory and visual systems is correct?
  1. Space is an inherent property of both systems.
  2. Both systems must determine “what” and “where” a stimulus is in the world.
  3. The auditory system is much slower than the visual system
  4. Much more processing occurs in the cochlea than in the retina

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