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Building Aural Rehabilitation into Every Aspect of Your VA Practice, in partnership with AVAA

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1.  Audiologic counseling of patients tends to be more:
  1. Informational and device-driven
  2. Empathetic
  3. Direct
  4. Family-oriented
2.  One of the best ways to gauge patient motivation includes:
  1. Questions with yes/no answers
  2. Open ended questions
  3. Focusing on the negative experiences they have had
  4. Telling the patient what option is best for them
3.  All of the following are key elements of an Aural Rehabilitation class EXCEPT:
  1. Hearing aid maintenance
  2. Communication strategies
  3. Realistic expectations
  4. Communication styles
4.  The benefits of providing aural rehabilitation in a group setting may include:
  1. Patients feeling less isolated
  2. Better use of clinician time
  3. Inclusion of communication partners in the training
  4. All of the above
5.  The _____ effects of chronic conditions are rarely taken into account.
  1. Physically disabling
  2. Life threatening
  3. Psychosocial
  4. Cognitive

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