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Bimodal Stimulation: A Cost Effective Solution Leading to Improved Speech and Hearing Outcomes for Adults

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1.  Bimodal hearing is often referred to as:
  1. Hybrid hearing
  2. Two-way hearing
  3. Bilateral hearing
  4. Cochlear implant hearing
2.  Cost-effectiveness/benefit research:
  1. Is archaic
  2. Pinpoints best values for limited health care dollars
  3. Examines the value of household health insurance
  4. None of the above
3.  Effectiveness includes:
  1. Costs over a reasonable time horizon, long enough in duration to consider all important costs
  2. Costs over a one-year period of time
  3. Costs incurred after personal health insurance is implemented
  4. Hospital costs only
4.  Bimodal audiological benefits include:
  1. Improvement on dual task
  2. Improved work salary
  3. Improved overall listening ability
  4. Cheaper health insurance
5.  To provide thorough evaluations and for treatment planning purposes, it is well understood that clinicians should AVOID:
  1. Scheduling back-to-back appointments
  2. Scheduling too early in process
  3. Taking a one size approach
  4. Talking too loudly during activation

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