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Exam Preview

Measuring and Assessing Aided Audibility Using the SII

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1.  The Speech Intelligibility Index (SII) is
  1. The patient’s measured speech understanding score in percent correct
  2. The weighted percentage of speech energy that is audible
  3. The proportion of speech energy that is inaudible
  4. The patient’s predicted speech understanding score
2.  Which of the following is NOT a suggested reason to measure the SII:
  1. To determine aided and unaided audibility and the improvement in audibility
  2. To help predict benefit with hearing aids
  3. To quantify the fitting and counsel the patient
  4. To make Dr. Ryan McCreery and Dr. Susan Scollie happy
3.  Which of the following is NOT a suggested way to improve your hearing aid fittings with the SII
  1. To optimize audibility and explain results to clients
  2. To over-amplify the client in order to push aided SII as high as possible
  3. To improve aided SII over unaided SII
  4. To improve aided SII over aided SII with old HAs
4.  What is the name of the proposed SII improvement classification tool:
  1. Exceptional Bimodal Amplitude
  2. Extreme Bilateral Acoustics
  3. Expected Benefits with Amplification
  4. Expected Benefits with Acoustics
5.  Which is NOT a suggested way to improve the counseling experience for your clients:
  1. Turn your computer screen so that the patient can see the results
  2. Put the client in the sound booth to measure their actual speech understanding
  3. Include the client in the process; make REM the center of the fitting
  4. Make use of an external monitor so client can see results

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