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Exam Preview

The Extend Platform Feature Debuts

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1.  Which of the following is a Sonic Debut technology of the Extend Platform?
  1. Tinnitus SoundSupport
  2. SmartMusic Pro
  3. Impulse Noise Reduction
  4. Extended Dynamic Range
2.  Which of the following is a benefit of the new OpenBass dome from Sonic?
  1. Enhanced speech and streaming
  2. Reduced chance for feedback
  3. Improved musical ability
  4. Deeper receiver placement
3.  What are the two main parts within Radian Noise Management?
  1. Radian Noise Reduction and Adaptive Directionality
  2. Radian Directionality and Radian Speech Processing
  3. Radian Noise Reduction and Radian Engage
  4. Radian Noise Reduction and Radian Directionality
4.  Which of the following BEST describes a benefit of the Personalization tool?
  1. improved first fits
  2. Personalized frequency response adjustments
  3. Clearer speech understanding
  4. Improved streaming capability
5.  Which best describes a way that the SmartMusic Pro program provides value?
  1. Better speech understanding in noise
  2. More compression when listening to music
  3. A clear and balanced listening experience for live, recorded and streamed music
  4. Hands-free phone calls

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