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Exam Preview

Strategies for Fitting Complex Hearing Losses

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1.  In the case of asymmetric thresholds:
  1. Both ears may not contribute to the overall perception equally
  2. Only the better ear should be fit
  3. Only the poorer ear should be fit
  4. There is no chance that binaural benefits will be achieved
2.  Serial monaural fittings:
  1. Are a reasonable alternative approach to fitting asymmetrical losses compared to immediate binaural fittings
  2. Only makes sense once the first ear is rejected by the patient
  3. Refers to the strategy of having the patient use just one hearing aid, swapping between ears every other week
  4. Are to be used for all fittings
3.  Frequency Composition:
  1. Is an outdated term
  2. Is the same thing as frequency compression
  3. Is the Oticon approach to frequency lowering
  4. Is the same as frequency enhancing
4.  Which of the following is NOT an assumption hearing care professionals may make when selecting and fitting amplifications?
  1. All speech is valuable
  2. Restore audibility as much as possible
  3. Measurable hearing is useable hearing
  4. Amplification is not recommended for medically complex hearing loss
5.  Fitting suggestions for reverse slope hearing loss include:
  1. Using an open dome and mid/high frequency emphasis
  2. Always using a closed dome or mold
  3. Using an open dome and high frequency emphasis
  4. Using a closed dome and low frequency emphasis

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