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Can Innovations in Sound Therapy Support Relaxation, Concentration and Well-Being for All Hearing Aid Users?

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1.  What are fractal mathematics?
  1. The approach built on randomization of stimuli to ensure the brain is interested and focused to treat tinnitus.
  2. The brain’s ability to do mathematics without paper or a calculator.
  3. The various channels used in amplification to help with audibility.
  4. The three core ideas that allow for the success of patients in a noisy or complex situation.
2.  ZEN was used primarily in the Universal program in previous generations and in Moment. What key new program had this capability added to it?
  1. Social
  2. Party
  3. TV
  4. PureSound
3.  What technology levels will Widex SoundRelax be offered in for Moment technology?
  1. 440 only (premium)
  2. 330 and 440 (advanced and premium)
  3. 220-440 (basic through premium)
  4. 110-440 (entry through premium)
4.  Which of the following is NOT a new Widex SoundRelax style?
  1. Earth
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Winter
5.  What is the best way to fit a patient with minimal or no hearing loss and bothersome tinnitus?
  1. Not ethical, they will need to find a different option.
  2. No different than any other hearing sensitivity.
  3. Fit with any level of technology, follow the same protocol and fit hearing aids to a 15dB flat loss in Sensogram, and then mute the microphones as needed in Widex SoundRelax or Zen program that is deemed most beneficial.
  4. Fit with any level of technology and fit with just amplification first and then consider trying ZEN later.

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