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Exam Preview

A Primer on Inpatient Audiology Program Development, in partnership with AVAA

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1.  How frequently is communication a contributing factor in hospital sentinel events?
  1. 20% of reports
  2. 40% of reports
  3. 60% of reports
  4. 70% of reports
2.  How can you tell infection control protocols for inpatient care?
  1. Assume highest level of precaution and mask, gown, glove for all patients
  2. Look for signage posted on patient’s door
  3. Assume the nursing staff will tell you if infection control is necessary
  4. Ask the patient
3.  If you are providing good outpatient care, then why would inpatients require additional services?
  1. Hospitalizations can be sudden and equipment may be left at home
  2. Hearing loss can cause listening fatigue, which can be worsened by illness
  3. Masking and restrictions on patient visitors may impair patient staff medical communication
  4. All of the above
4.  What is a good way to keep non-rechargeable hearing aids from being lost while inpatient?
  1. Instruct the patient to keep them in their ears at all times
  2. Ask nursing staff to lock hearing aids away with other valuables
  3. Send devices home with family members to avoid loss
  4. Label a denture cup with HEARING AIDS and patient identifier so there is a safe place to keep devices, that is easily recognizable as not to be thrown away
5.  What training about communication and hearing technology is easy and accessible to inpatient staff?
  1. Manuals for hearing aids, that can be read when a problem arises
  2. Over the bed information sheets that quickly describe care and maintenance
  3. Direct face to face training about each hearing device with all hospital staff
  4. The patient can train the inpatient staff about their hearing technology

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