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Effortlessly Connecting Patients with What Matters Most

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1.  How has 2-Way Audio been enhanced?
  1. Video call functionality with user controls
  2. Accept/Decline/End calls with user controls
  3. Voice dialing with user controls
  4. Voicemail replay with user controls
2.  What are two Thrive app features for effortlessly managing tasks and accessing information when logged into an Amazon account?
  1. Reminders and Thrive Assistant
  2. TeleHear and Frequency Lowering
  3. Equalizer and Fall Alert
  4. Voice AI And Tinnitus
3.  What are two tools for effortlessly connecting patients with family/caregivers?
  1. Feedback Manager and Wellness Score
  2. Voice AI and Equalizer
  3. Self Check and Translate
  4. Fall Alert and Thrive Care
4.  How has pairing hearing aids with Android devices through the Thrive app improved?
  1. Additional screens so process is clearer
  2. Fewer screens so process is faster
  3. Fewer images so process is easier
  4. Additional screens so process is more engaging
5.  Which hearing aids are compatible with TeleHear Remote Services?
  1. All 900 Sync hearing aids
  2. 2.4GHz wireless standard products
  3. 2.4GHz wireless custom products
  4. All 2.4 GHz wireless hearing aids

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