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Exam Preview

How to Navigate Naturally in a Noisy World

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1.  Which listening mode of ReSound 360 All-Around emphasizes naturalness and overall sound quality?
  1. Spatial Cue Preservation
  2. Binaural Listening
  3. Speech Intelligibility
  4. Front Focus
2.  Which of the following is an example of when hearing instrument users would need to rely on at least three different natural listening strategies to perform optimally in their listening environment?
  1. A library
  2. Watching TV
  3. Walking alone on the beach
  4. A popular café with a friend
3.  ReSound OMNIA offers the following off-axis hearing improvement in 360 All-Around:
  1. Binaural beamforming to the side
  2. Streaming of the off-axis sound from the directional side to the omnidirectional side, when in Binaural Listening mode
  3. Binaural beamforming to the front
  4. Better connectivity
4.  What improvement was made to the binaural beamforming directionality in ReSound OMNIA, as compared to ReSound ONE?
  1. It is designed to be more precise by using more datapoints to account for the head-related transfer function
  2. Changes were made in the Li-ion battery life
  3. The M&RIE mic is doing the beamforming now
  4. There is no beamforming in ReSound OMNIA
5.  Which is NOT an advantage of multiband directionality?
  1. Better access to localization cues than full-band directionality
  2. Better sound quality as compared to full-band directionality
  3. Ability to use 2-way streaming to iPhone
  4. More natural own voice perception as compared to full-band directionality

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