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Pediatric Cochlear Implant Telehealth: Cochlear Remote Care

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1.  What are advantages of the use of telehealth/Remote Care with Cochlear Implant patients?
  1. Everything that can be done in person can be done via telehealth
  2. Telehealth has the potential to provide improved options, access and reduced cost to families while improving clinic efficiencies
  3. Telehealth is very expensive
  4. Children can do their own programming with telehealth
2.  Which of the following are telehealth/Remote Care tools?
  1. Pilot Your Program and CheckMate™
  2. Hear Always and Audiology On Call
  3. Ready to Wear and Hear Your Way
  4. Remote Check, Remote Assist and Remote Programming
3.  What is NOT an advantage of using Remote Check?
  1. Can reduce wait time for families to gain critical information
  2. Provides the audiologist with information to structure additional learning
  3. Caregivers enjoy taking a full day off of work to drive to appointments
  4. Provides real-time data logging and impedance information
4.  All of the following are advantages of Remote Assist EXCEPT?
  1. Ability to adjust the patient’s magnet strength if needed
  2. Ability to have a virtual counseling session with patient and adjust some sound processor settings via their smartphone
  3. Supporting patients with upgrades who may only need to confirm settings
  4. Triage after a Remote Check prior to setting up an in-person appointment
5.  What is important to consider when implementing Remote Care services into program?
  1. Patient selection
  2. Use within clinical protocol for new and existing cochlear implant patients
  3. How you will collect value for your services
  4. IT support

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