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Exam Preview

Give Patients Every Opportunity to Get Hearing Health With Financing Options

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1.  What percent of patients want financing options?
  1. 30%
  2. 80%
  3. 20%
  4. 52%
2.  Why is it important to present financing options to patients?
  1. Patients are uneducated
  2. Patients don’t have the economic means
  3. Patient financing can empower more patients to get the care they need
  4. Patients rely only on insurance
3.  What is one way a provider can make the cost conversation easier for patients and staff?
  1. Talk about the drawbacks of credit
  2. Eliminate awkward encounters by bringing up the cost conversation up front
  3. Ask patients what their budget is
  4. Offer only one option
4.  What is the parallel between treatment plans and financing options?
  1. Both can be the same for each patient
  2. Different patient will choose different options; one size does not fit all
  3. Both rely on insurance
  4. Both are difficult to find
5.  What is the benefit of CareCredit and Allegro to patients and the practice?
  1. They are transactional
  2. They are hard to access
  3. They help the office staff make sales more complicated
  4. They are two convenient options from one company

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