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Adult Perceptions of Hearing Status and Options: Professionals Facilitating a Life-long Hearing Journey, in partnership with American Cochlear Implant Alliance

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1.  If a patient has been a CI candidate for at least 10 years, what is a typical change in speech perception outcomes with a cochlear implant after one year?
  1. Little or no change in outcomes—the benefit occurs after 12 months of learning to listen
  2. 10 percent improvement in patient understanding above the pre-implant sentence score
  3. There is no “typical” outcome—results are quite variable
  4. Median change in best aided condition (CI and hearing aid) was greater than 35% improvement
2.  Which health insurance plans cover cochlear implantation for eligible adults with bilateral moderate to profound hearing loss?
  1. Medicare
  2. Most private employer plans
  3. VA
  4. All of the above
3.  Which of the following was NOT a typical quality of life benefit associated with cochlear implantation in adults?
  1. Ability to engage in social activities
  2. Improved visual acuity
  3. Self esteem improvements
  4. Improvements in speech comprehension and ability to speak with a range of individuals in diverse settings
4.  Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of cochlear implant surgery for an adult?
  1. 3-day stay at the hospital
  2. Temporary after-effects including tinnitus and dizziness that typically subside in a week or less
  3. Some pain at the surgical site typically lasting 3 days
  4. Out-patient procedure lasting 1-3 hours
5.  Which of the following does NOT typically help a cochlear implant recipient to enjoy music?
  1. Wearing a hearing aid in the ear opposite to the cochlear implant
  2. Listening to music at a high volume
  3. Utilizing auditory training exercises to pitch train
  4. Choosing music that is not overly “complicated” with fewer instruments

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