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Discover Signia Sounds of Freedom: May 1, 2023 Government Contract Update

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1.  Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding Augmented Focus?
  1. Directional microphones are no longer needed
  2. Auto Echoshield is automatically activated in the Universal program.
  3. The input of the hearing aid is split into two signal streams
  4. It is able to directly stream to Apple and Android products.
2.  Split processing in the AX platform results in which of the following wearer experiences?
  1. Ambient sounds are equal to speech
  2. Ambient sounds are louder than speech
  3. Speech stands out at the same time ambient sounds are natural
  4. There is no difference compared previous hearing aid technology
3.  Which Pure Charge&Go T AX charger is NOT an option in ROES for Government Services?
  1. Portable Charger
  2. Standard Charger
  3. 312 Charger
  4. Dry&Clean Charger
4.  The AX Platform Enhancements can be implemented to past AX fittings by doing which of the following?
  1. Cannot implement – upgrades are not backwards compatible
  2. Updating the Firmware
  3. Returning the aids to Signia
  4. Recalculating the First Fit
5.  To access the AX updated eWindscreen, which improves comfort hearing in windy situations, the wearer must do which of the following?
  1. Switch to another program
  2. Activate eWindscreen in the Signia App
  3. Turn to face the wind directly
  4. Do nothing - eWindscreen is activated automatically in the Universal program

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