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How AI-Driven Hearing Aid Features and Fresh Approaches to Counseling Can Promote Better Outcomes: Part 1, the Catch-22 of Follow-up Care

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1.  According to Kochkin et al’s (2010) analysis, more than _____ visit(s) in the hearing aid acquisition process is strongly related to “below average” real-world outcomes.
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
2.  According to Ramachandran et al (2012) data, about _____ of wearers fitted with hearing aids during the 1-year tracking period needed four or more follow-up visits.
  1. One-quarter
  2. One-third
  3. One-half
  4. Three-quarters
3.  What organization recently published best practice standards, four of which are directly related to follow up care?
  1. AAA
  2. ADA
  3. IHS
  4. APSO
4.  According to Solheim et al (2018), what percent of all wearers reported one or more problems within the first six months of hearing aid use?
  1. 43%
  2. 53%
  3. 63%
  4. 73%
5.  Which of the following is considered one of the common types of service and support, delivered during follow-up care visits?
  1. Fine-tuning
  2. Coaching and counseling
  3. Feature activation
  4. All of the above

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