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Exam Preview

Expand Your Care with Ready-to-Wear Solutions

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1.  The benefits of offering early-entry device solutions include what?
  1. Attract new user segments
  2. Minimize tested-not-treated
  3. Expand hearing care to those who don’t need or aren’t ready for a prescription solution
  4. All of the above
2.  Consumers with normal hearing or minimal hearing loss who are struggling in noise can expect what with early-entry devices?
  1. They could benefit from off-the-shelf situational solutions
  2. Wouldn’t be interested in solutions that address their hearing struggles
  3. Are never seen in a hearing clinic
  4. Offer no opportunity to generate revenue from device sales
3.  What is NOT a feature of the Set 880?
  1. Has a playing time of up to 18 hours from a single charge
  2. Range of up to 200 ft (70 meters)
  3. Small user controls
  4. Multi-purpose transmitter acts as a docking station and charger for the wireless stethoset receiver
4.  The TVS 200 is intended for consumers who want which of the following?
  1. Amplification in background sounds
  2. Crystal clear TV sound
  3. An ultra-powered hearing aid
  4. A cochlear implant
5.  Marketing off-the-shelf solutions can do what?
  1. Significantly reduce prescription sales
  2. Attract new consumers and existing tested-not-treated patients
  3. Will not attract consumers who may be interested in buying a prescription hearing aid
  4. Limit your appeal as a whole-hearing healthcare provider

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