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Introducing Nano RITE, Flip40, and New Wireless Connectivity Options from Sonic

Kathy Landon

May 19, 2014

Interview with Kathy Landon, VP Branding & Professional Services, Sonic

Carolyn Smaka: Kathy, great to speak with you again.  I wanted to hear about the new products that Sonic just launched.  Can you give us an overview?

Kathy Landon:  Yes, we’re very excited to expand the receiver-in-the-canal options in our portfolio with the introduction of the small, discreet Nano RITE model.  It is available in Bliss and Charm solutions at all technology levels and has a refined new look with superior functionality that includes a built-in telecoil/auto telephone, wireless connectivity and easy-to-use controls. The Nano RITE family is built on our Speech Variable Processing platform, which has exceptional sound quality along with benefits like Speech Priority Noise Reduction. 

We also introduced Flip40, the newest addition to the Flip family.  Designed to deliver just the features listeners need, Flip40 rounds out the Flip family that now offers premium to basic product options.

Carolyn: You mentioned that the Nano RITE family has wireless connectivity.  What accessories are available?

Kathy: The next generation of Sonic wireless accessories includes the SoundGate 2, that delivers an increased range of up to 90 feet, and a very significant increase in battery life that enables streaming for up to 10 hours. SoundGate 2 also includes a built-in telecoil for use with loop systems.

Sonic Nano RITE.

The new TV Adapter 2 and Phone Adapter 2 are compatible with the original SoundGate and provide an increased in range when used with the new SoundGate 2.  SoundGate 2 has a new “SelectMe” feature that easily switches between multiple paired TV Adapters.  The TV Adapter 2 now supports TOSLink optical audio cable input. The Phone Adapter 2 connects seamlessly with digital office phones (VoIP systems) via an optional Sennheiser accessory. All three wireless accessories have a new, updated design.

The new Sonic SoundGate 2 along with the new TV Adapter 2 and Phone Adapter 2. 

Carolyn: Thanks for the new product overview.  Tell me about the blind listening challenge you hosted at your booth at AudiologyNOW! in Orlando.

Kathy:  The basis for everything we do at Sonic is what we refer to as our 4S Foundation – Sound that is natural, Speech understanding in noise, Simplicity in everything we do, and Style that stands out. And while this all looks great on paper, if you experience our products or work with us, you know that the 4S Foundation is truly the essence of what Sonic is all about.    

The Sound Survey at AudiologyNOW! was an opportunity for professionals to experience a head-to-head comparison of  our hearing solutions versus hearing devices from other manufacturers in a blind listening challenge.  It proved to be an exciting, interactive way for attendees to experience how we have implemented the 4S Foundation – particularly, Sound that’s natural and Speech understanding in noise - in our latest hearing solutions.  It was truly a “wow” effect for professionals and students – both for those who fit our products but have never experienced an A/B comparison like this, and for those people who are new to Sonic.  In fact, they picked the Sonic aid as having the best overall performance 77% of the time!

Carolyn: With all the sophisticated tools we have today for fitting hearing instruments today, it’s easy to forget about the basics – like actually listening to the instruments we’re working with.  For me, this was a great reminder. 

Kathy:  Absolutely.   A listening check certainly will not replace verification or validation best practices, but we believe it still has a place in hearing aid fitting today.  We’re very proud of the fact that with all of the advanced digital processing enabled by our Speech Variable Processing platform, we are still able to deliver exceptional sound quality that remains an industry benchmark. 

Carolyn: Thanks Kathy. 

For more information, professionals can visit or the Sonic Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.  For continuing education and training courses from Sonic, please visit the Sonic course library on AudiologyOnline.

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kathy landon

Kathy Landon

Vice President of Branding & Professional Services, Sonic Innovations