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AFA Sponsors Professional Symbol Contest

West Lafayette, IN

Put your creativity to the test! The AFA invites audiologists to participate in a contest to help design their professional symbol. Everyone is familiar with the caduceus, which is the professional symbol used by physicians. Many other professions have a distinct symbol, why not audiologists?

A committee comprised of leaders of the AAA, ADA, AFA and other professional organizations will choose three semifinalists from the entries that are submitted. An artist will then design a symbol using one or a combination of the semifinalists' entries. A prize will be awarded to each of the semifinalists. The remaining entrants will be placed in a drawing. One of the remaining entrants will be chosen from the drawing, which will be held at the AFA office in September 2001.

Semifinalists and the drawing winner will be announced in the Fall, 2001 ''Torchbearer Newsletter''. Prizes will be presented and the new symbol will be displayed at the ADA convention in October 2001.

For contest rules and entry forms visit the AFA's website,
Contest Entry Deadline: June 15, 2001
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