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ASHA Awardees


I am pleased to present to you the names of the 2006 recipients of the Honors of the Association. They are:

Bayles, Kathryn A.
Beck, Lucille B.
Duffy, Joseph R.
Ferraro, John A.
Shames, George H.
Shepard, Neil T.
Singh, Sadanand
Stockman, Ida J.

I know you join me in congratulating these individuals on their accomplishments and recognition by their peers. We'll look forward to celebrating these Honors in Miami Beach in November.

Below is a list of recipients of other 2006 ASHA Awards.


Teri James Bellis
Judith A. Brasseur
Michael J. Cevette
Truman E. Coggins
Judith A. Cooper
Donna K. Cooperman
Roberta DePompei
Frank DeRuyter
Jan Edwards
Jill Elfenbein
Donald B. Freed
Sima Gerber
Regina Grantham
Cynthia J. Johnson
Therese M. Kovach
Charles L. Madison
Russell Henry Mills
Lawrence F. Molt
Wren Newman
Ralph N. Ohde
Diane R. Paul
Joe E. Reichle
Todd A. Ricketts
Margaret A. Rogers
Celeste Roseberry-McKibben
Jack Ryalls
Marla Staab
Michael P. Towey
A. Lynn Williams
Amy B. Wohlert

Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Multucultural Affairs
Kathryn Kohnert
Luis F. Riquelme

Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Higher Education
Rosalind R. Scudder

Dorothy Dreyer Award for Volunteerism
Diane L. Eger

Award for Early Career Contributions in Research
Sumitrajit Dhar

Distinguished Service Award
Mike and Elaine Adler

Outstanding Service Award
Paula J. Starr

For a complete listing of ASHA Award recipients, please visit

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