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The ASHA Committee on Honors is Pleased to Announce the Following 2007 Award Recipients!

Honors of the Association - ASHA

The Honors of the Association recognizes members in good standing for their distinguished contribution to the field of speech, language, and hearing and, is the highest honor the Association awards. Members are encouraged to nominate individuals who are well-known throughout the nation and the world for a life-time of innovative clinical practice, insightful and rigorous research, creative administration, effective legislative activity, outstanding teaching, or other distinguished professional contributions. Honors of the Association may be awarded to an individual whose contributions have been confined to a single area of professional excellence. Although this award typically is conferred near the end of a professional career, the quality of the achievements and their impact on the professions are considered of greater importance than the length of service.

  • Edward G. Conture
  • Judith A. Cooper
  • John Durrant
  • Samuel G. Fletcher
  • Larry E. Humes
  • Charlena M. Seymour
  • Howard C. Shane
  • Carol Westby

The status of Fellow is retained for life and is one of the highest honors this professional organization can bestow. It recognizes professional or scientific achievement and is given to a member who has shown outstanding contribution to the professions - contributions that are significant and would be so regarded within and beyond one's community or state. Our professions have thousands of members who fulfill their responsibilities competently and well, but only a small percentage have, by virtue of the quality and amount of their contributions, distinguished themselves sufficiently to warrant recognition by election to Fellow in ASHA.

  • Amster, Barbara J.
  • Bhatnagar, Subhash
  • Boyle, Mary
  • Burns, Martha S.
  • Carlson, Deborah L.
  • Cone-Wesson, Barbara
  • Estomin, Ellen R.
  • Gillon, Gail T.
  • Gonzalez, Lori Stewart
  • Hutton, Terri L.
  • Kirk, Karen Iler
  • LeDuc, Judith A.
  • Lefton-Greif, Maureen
  • Logan, Susan A.
  • Moreau, Vaughn K.
  • Murphy, William P.
  • Oetting, Janna
  • Peters-Johnson, Cassandra
  • Raymer, Anastasia M.
  • Reuler, Ellen
  • Schlosser, Ralf W.
  • Schuele, Melanie C.
  • Seal, Brenda C.
  • Shannon, Dorothy A.
  • Smith, Anne
  • Snyder, Lynn
  • Stevens, Lizbeth J.
  • Thelin, James W.
  • Weiss, Amy L.
  • Whitehill, Tara
Special Contributions in Multicultural Affairs

This award is designed to recognize distinguished achievement and contributions by ASHA members in the areas of multicultural professional education, multicultural research, and/or clinical service to multicultural populations. The recipients' achievements and contributions in these areas must have been made within three years prior to nomination and must demonstrate a philosophy regarding cultural diversity that significantly and positively benefits clients, colleagues, students, administrators, agencies, referral sources, funding sources, and/or other entities.

  • Crowley, Catherine J.
  • Goldstein, Brian
  • Inglebret, Ella
  • Payne, Joan Cassandra
Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes ASHA members or National Office personnel who have offered outstanding and exemplary service primarily on behalf of or for the Association. A maximum of two awards may be presented each year. Nominees may include an individual or groups of individuals who have demonstrated significant contribution in two of the following three areas: (a) administration, (b) program development, and (c) service to members.

  • Minghetti, Nancy J.
Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Higher Education

The certificate of recognition signifies recent distinguished achievement and/or contributions (within the last five years) in one or more of the following: (a) university and college classroom teaching, (b) clinical teaching, (c) student mentoring, or (d) development of new and innovative educational techniques and technologies in the fields of audiology, speech-language pathology, or speech, language, and hearing science. This certificate may be awarded to a single individual or team of individuals who are under contract as faculty members or clinical instructors at a regionally accredited college or university.

  • Turkstra, Lyn S.
Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes significant contributions to the field of speech-language pathology and/or audiology by non-members. It may be awarded to a person (regardless of citizenship or residence) or to an organization. Members of ASHA and practicing audiologists or speech-language pathologists are not eligible. Nominees should have made a major contribution to the Association and the professions in one or more of the following areas: (a) consumer advocacy, (b) governmental affairs, (c) public awareness, (d) research, and (e) service to the Association.

  • Kay Pentax
  • Naughton, Paul
Award for Early Career Contributions in Research

This award is designed to acknowledge scientific accomplishments by individuals in the early stages of their careers (defined as within five years of receiving the doctoral degree or other terminal degree). This award is given to an individual or individuals who are under contract with an institution of higher education or other institution where research in communication disorders and sciences is being completed.

  • Branski, Ryan C.
2007 Committee on Honors

Michael L. Kimbarow, Chair
Nancy B. Alarcon
Roberta B. Aungst
Dolores E. Battle
Susan J. Brannen
Diane L. Eger
Sue T. Hale
Marion Hammett
Patricia J. Olmstead
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