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GSI Testimonial - January 2023

Bio-logic Introduces It's Newest Line of Tools for Audiology


The AuDX is a programmable, battery powered, distortion product otoacoustic (DPOAE) test instrument which contains its own miniature computer - all packed into a hand-held device that weighs just over 1 pound! Complete digital signal processing capability on the inside means there is no need for a computer to perform tests. Three keys on the front of the system allow you to scroll through and select your desired program options such as 'Perform DPOAE Test' or 'View Data'. The LCD display messages that inform you of your program options. A test is initiated in just a few keystrokes.

Review the DP and Noise Floor amplitudes and a Pass/Refer indicator for each frequency condition from the LCD display. The AuDX stores up to 10 tests in memory for recall at a later time and is expandable to hold up to 100 tests.

One Time Connection to a Computer for Customizing Your Protocol:
You have complete control over the DPOAE test parameters. Use the AuDX software program installed on an office computer to customize your test protocol. Connect AuDX to the computer serial port using the provided cable and download your protocol into AuDX memory. These parameters are retained in memory until you decide to change them.

Programmable Stimulus Parameters:
· F2 frequencies - up to a maximum of 10 (range 500 to 10kHz)
· F2/F1 ratio
· Stimulus intensity Programmable

Measurement-Based Stopping Rules:
· Minimum DP amplitude
· Minimum DP-NF
· Minimum Noise Floor (NF)
· Maximum averaging time per frequency condition Programmable Pass/Refer

· DP amplitude per frequency condition · DP-NF per frequency condition
· Number of Pass frequency conditions for Overall Test Pass Result

Plus Much More!
· Disposable probe tips, in a variety of sizes, keep the probe clean and provide optimal infection control
· Rechargeable battery operation allows testing without AC power - no outlets or power cords required

Expandable Capabilities:
Combine the functionality of the AuDX with the expanded capabilities of Bio-logic's fully featured DPOAE system, the Scout Sport - all in the same device. When you connect the AuDX to a peripheral computer and access the Scout Sport software, it functions as the Scout Sport with all of its added flexibility for viewing data in DP-gram formats as well as the response spectrum. Print the complete report information. When disconnected from the peripheral computer, perform the memory resident test protocol within the AuDX and view the numeric data on the LCD display. Incredible flexibility to meet your every DPOAE need.

The AuDX/Scout Sport combo version offers these additional options:
· Additional memory to store 50, 100 or 150 tests.
· Download patient names and ID numbers from a computer to AuDX
· Upload patient data from AuDX to a database on the computer
· Select from three different test protocols

Mic frequency response:
100Hz - 8kHz +/-2dB; 8kHz - 10kHz +/-3dB

Mic dynamic range:
90dB SPL undistorted output
Test Time:
varies with parameter setup and environmental noise conditions

System S/N ratio:
~85 dB

AuDX Dimensions:
19.4cm x 10cm x 4.3cm; 7.7 x 4 x 1.8 inches (L x W x D)

AuDX Weight:
1.2 lbs (550g)

Electrical Safety:
Designed to meet the standards: IEC 601-1, UL 2601-1, CSA-C22.2 No. 601.1, AAMI-ES1

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