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Sycle OTC Hearing Industry Panel Discussion Post Event - July 2021

The COVID-19 Impact and the Audiology Business – Now and the Future


 As part of our Sycle Thought Leadership Series, we hosted a panel discussion that focused on one of the most critical issues we’ve all faced – the COVID-19 pandemic – the impact on clinics, and the solutions to the problems it has caused. 

We are pleased to share with you what was a fascinating panel discussion featuring noted audiology industry luminaries: Mike Andreozzi (CEO of Beltone New England), Scott Weidemeyer (President & Owner of Hearingcare Revenue Group and Partner of American Hearing & Audiology), and Kelsey Fleming (Director of Product Management at Audigy).

The discussion will focus on a variety of areas, including:

  • What is the impact of the pandemic on your clinics – hours, staffing, operations, cash flow, staff mental health, patients, etc.?
  • What changes have you made because of the pandemic to keep business going?
  • What does the clinic of the future look like from a management/operations/treatment standpoint?  How has this changed your business permanently?

Listen to what was truly an intriguing discussion, getting different perspectives, and answers to questions about finding ways to move forward.

Watch the video now!