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GSI Automation - July 2022

E.A.R. Exceeds Market Expectations and Adds Mini-Lab


Boulder, CO--E.A.R., Inc. (Specialized Hearing Systems Div.) announces that its sales for Magnum Ear Automatic electronic ear protectors,in addition to its Insta-Mold non-electric custom fit ear protectors, have exceeded expectations for all markets during 1999. With over 15 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and eight overseas, E.A.R. has been able to offer quick turnaround on custom orders and warranty maintenance. By utilizing the patented Sequal Compression Amplifier, the company's new Soundscope Magnum Ear Automatic offers the market state-of-the-art technology for hunting and shooting sports. The Sequal Circuitry reportedly eliminates 100% sound distortion while automatically compressing loud sounds originating from impact or continuous noise sources.

To accomodate the ongoing need for new items, E.A.R. has recently added a new mini-lab to its Boulder facility and is currently updating its website ( to keep its clients informed with product updates.

Source: E.A.R., Inc.

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