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Phonak Audéo™ Paradise - August 2020

Ear Level FM Receiver Stimulates Auditory Neural Plasticity in Children with APD


Studies have demonstrated the benefits of ear-level FM receiver use for children with Auditory Processing Disorders (APD). Evidence from a recent experiment published in the Journal of Educational Audiology now shows long term benefits to central auditory processing and neural plasticity after one year of use of a special ear-level FM receiver developed by Phonak. This highlights the role of improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio for children with APD in possibly accelerating the neural maturation process and increasing speech recognition in noisy environments.

Friederichs, E., Friederichs, P. (2005) Electrophysiologic and Psycho-Acoustic Findings Following One-Year Application of a Personal Ear-Level FM Device in Children with Attention Deficit and Suspected Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Journal of Educational Audiology, 12, 29-34.

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A summary of the findings can also be found

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