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HIMSA's NOAH 3.0 Engine Released to Office System Developers


Copenhagen - HIMSA is pleased to announce the release of the NOAH 3.0 Engine, formerly known as NOAH 3.0 for Office Systems. NOAH Engine provides the foundation for creating NOAH 3.0-compatible office systems.

'The release of the NOAH Engine is an important milestone in the evolution of NOAH software,' states Torben Dyrvig Nielsen, Managing Director of HIMSA. 'With this release, office system vendors can now develop their own NOAH 3-compatible office systems.'

Many office system suppliers are already in the process of integrating NOAH Engine into their software to provide a seamless, state of the art computing environment. By using an office system based on NOAH Engine, hearing care professionals can perform all measurement and fitting tasks from within their office system software.

The NOAH Engine also provides the foundation for HIMSA's own NOAH 3.0 System software. The NOAH 3.0 System is due for beta release in March 2000.

Features of the NOAH 3 Engine:

NOAH Engine improves the stability and usability of the next generation of hearing care office systems.

NOAH Engine is a 32-bit application. This means that it supports standard Windows 95 and 98 features, such as the ability to display multiple module windows and resize and move windows. With NOAH 3.0, users will be able to display a measurement module and a fitting module simultaneously. And users can also display other applications (word processing, e-mail, etc.) in separate windows alongside NOAH.

In addition, NOAH 3.0's improved technology will pave the way for innovations in measurement and fitting modules provided by hearing instrument and audiological equipment manufacturers.

For a list of vendors for NOAH-compatible office systems, visit HIMSA's website at, and click on the topic 'About HIMSA'.

If you are currently using a NOAH 2.0-compatible office system, it is important to know when your office system will be upgraded to support NOAH 3.0. Only then will you be able to receive the benefits of the new NOAH 3.0 software. Please consult your office system supplier.

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