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NAFDA Announces the Addition of John Zei to It's Advisory Board


LOUISVILLE, KY. The National Association of Future Doctors of Audiology (NAFDA) has added Siemens President & CEO, John Zei, to its Advisory Board.

NAFDA Advisory Board Member and Director of Audiology for the Veterans Administration, Dr. Lucille Beck, along with Zei, have been instrumental in the continued growth and structuring of this Doctor of Audiology students' organization. Recently, NAFDA revised its Advisory Board to include three divisions: Education, Corporate, and Professionals.

'This restructuring of our Advisory Board gives NAFDA the opportunity to have more advisors and they will concentrate on working with Au.D. students in their area of expertise,' says Delbert Ault, NAFDA's President. 'There will be 124 four-year, on-campus NAFDA members this Fall and nearly 500 professional distance-learning Au.D. students,' Ault added, 'and these Advisory Board Members can help us take NAFDA to a higher level of providing for the needs of these students.'

NAFDA will be adding more Advisory Board Members in the near future. There are currently nineteen from across the country serving on this board.

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